annette well co.

founded in 2019 by Annette Goubeaux

200 Hour Registered Yoga &

classically trained mat pilates instructor


Through Yoga & Pilates, I have found a sense of home in my own body and experienced the emotional

and energetic benefits of each practice. I teach to create a  nurturing and empowered space so others can find the same health & happiness.


 Influenced by a variety of modern vinyasa forms and a life-long love of movement, I lead classes with an emphasis on alignment, strength, and breath.

This translates to a practice and teaching style that is both strong and graceful, challenging and uplifting. I believe every day and every practice is an opportunity to refine the balance between effort and ease allowing us to become more vital & serene and master the gift of living in the present moment.


Forever a student, I began my yoga practice while in college at The Ohio State University first studying Hatha Yoga. 

That was the match that lit the flame for my love of this ancient art, not only for the movement but also as I witnessed the many benefits off the mat.

More recently, I discovered Pilates which I credit to changing my body and being a perfect complement to my yoga practice.

The combination of these powerful disciplines led me to become a passionate wellbeing advocate and create Annette Well Co. 


I have taught Yoga and Pilates to people of all ages and in all settings from studios to community centers and private homes.


My formalized training includes:

* 200-Hour vinyasa training at PURE YOGA Equinox Sports Clubs 

studying with Amy Leydon, Dan Steel, and Renée Le Blanc

* Sequencing yoga workshops under the guidance of  Goldie Graham and David Regelin

Mat Pilates certification through The Equinox Pilates Training Institute with

Director of Pilates Education, Carrie Macy Samper


I specialize in Yoga and Pilates in the Boston-metro area to deliver a profound experience that will help you

become more powerfully alive in your body, wholeheartedly  connected, and mindfully resilient so you can live your best life.

To learn more and set up a private introductory session, attend a retreat, group class or learn about corporate wellbeing options, 

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