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the movement


 At Annette Well Co., I share practices to create a life you love!

 Each practice is rooted in long-lasting optimum health,

and delivered via my core offerings:

Yoga & Pilates classes

Annette is a certified Yoga and mat Pilates instructor through Pure Yoga & Equinox Sports Clubs in Boston, MA.  

You can practice yoga in-person with Annette at Exhale Battery Wharf where she leads public group classes.

She provides a class setting which is both safe and sacred and is committed to helping her students foster a

deeper connection within themselves through movement and meditation.

retreats to transform mind & body

Through her own personal journey, Annette discovered the powerful transformation retreats provide.  

Annette Well Co. retreats nourish mind, body and soul.

Stay tuned for 2023 dates!

corporate wellbeing

Annette Well Co. is pleased to offer wellness workshops and classes for organizations to help reduce stress, increase productivity, 

provide tips for team building and increase overall health and happiness in the workplace. You and your team will experience

the benefits of our yoga and Pilates movement classes, nutrition workshops, and mindfullness sessions.

You're invited to experience The Movement.


email me and create a life you love: 


The Soul Work Method

The Soul Work method combines a consistent practice of Yoga, Pilates and Meditation, to create the self-care needed to

recalibrate your settings and allow you to tap into your most authentic self. 

Visit the Digital Studio to book Group Classes and set your transformation at your own pace.




Pairing breath to movement,

this ritual journey of fluid movement re-connects you to your soul.


Experience inner and outer alignment as we build strength and flexibility with dynamic movement.


This transformative approach to your practice provides innovative sequencing designed to complement modern life leaving you balanced and inspired so you can lead your life with more flow off the mat.





Strengthen & lengthen your body as you eliminate stress during this  full-body workout with a deep emphasis on the core.


Expect progressively structured exercises rooted in the classical Pilates

method to restore radiance and create

a long, lean physique.


You'll move with more grace,

improve mobility, and correct

postural imbalances.




Emotional benefits of meditation include:


Unraveling limiting self beliefs and tapping into your true essence.

Gaining new perspectives on stressful situations and building skills

to effectively manage stress.

Increasing imagination and creativity and reducing negative emotions.



live well. be well. 

Annette Goubeaux

Email me, I'd love to hear from you!


Boston, Massachusetts


Thank you! I'll be in touch soon.

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