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You deserve to spend meaningful time with yourself each week.

My thoughtfully designed private yoga sessions go beyond a workout to provide you with 

sacred self care for your mind and heart as much as your physical body.

connect to your intuition.  ignite your inner Fire.  

I'll show you how.


 With private yoga, you'll have the dedicated attention of an expert teacher who will respond to your needs in the moment and partner with you to achieve your long-term goals. Our work together will inspire your practice with yogic philosophy and meditation for a deeper, more layered experience while building strength and flexibility.  Sessions are tailored to your requests and always embody a tone of self connection and gratitude.

What do you seek from your practice?

Reliable techniques for handling stress?

Better sleep and digestion?

A deeper connection to your self and intuition?

Improved posture and relief from pain with a bit of me-time in your own home?

A consistent yoga practice provides solutions to each of these and allows you to lead your best life.

Private Yoga in your own-home provides space to connect with your body on your own schedule with a weekly appointment at the perfect time for you.

With a heart-felt and intuitive approach, I will meet you where you are in your practice and expertly guide you to all that is possible,

so you can return to your family, career, and personal life feeling grounded, focused, and clear.

You're invited to experience The Movement.

Whether a beginner or experienced yogi, practice with me privately today.

Say "Hi" and schedule a  complimentary introductory session by email or simply click the form button below: 


yoga styles


Pairing breath to movement, a ritual journey awaits you!


Experience inner and outer alignment as we build strength and flexibility with dynamic movement.


This transformative approach to your private yoga practice provides innovative sequencing designed to complement modern life leaving you balanced and inspired.




Nurture yourself.

Slow down and unwind with this

practice that opens your body through long holds and passive stretching. 


Familiar postures will be adapted to restorative in your private yoga practice through the use of props including blocks, blankets, and bolsters.


Focusing on your breath, muscles can relax deeply as props support your body.


Challenge and ground your mind & body.


Expect a faster pace, and strong, balancing yoga postures to enhance

strength and stability.

Activate the entire body with deep breaths to address imbalances while working toward a powerful and

deeper practice.


set-up a private yoga session today!

Annette Goubeaux

Email me to set-up a complimentary Private Yoga session to begin:

Boston, Massachusetts

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